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Washington Politics

Is weakening support for Ukraine war following a historical pattern?

Recent polling shows that Biden’s pledge that the US will assist ‘for as long as it takes’ is a harder sell today.


Poll: Public support for sending military assistance to Ukraine slips

According to Associated Press survey, those who favor providing weapons to Kyiv falls below 50 percent for first time.


Poll: Europeans from NATO countries embrace US defense

However, the respondents in this major German Marshall Fund survey think Washington influence is on the wane, while China's is growing.

Middle East

Hawkish group won't share questions for its dubious Iran deal poll

United Against Nuclear Iran’s recent survey finding that just 11 percent want any agreement with Tehran is highly suspect.

Middle East

Poll: Americans have no taste for war with Iran

On the eve of a new round of JCPOA talks, a new survey shows that today's saber rattling is a bit unwelcome.

Washington Politics

Russia down, NATO up in poll of European, Asian countries

Biden's ratings are strong overall among these respondents, even if he is struggling with public opinion at home.