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Deja vu: Republicans fracturing over Ukraine, just like Korea
Washington Politics

Deja vu: Republicans fracturing over Ukraine, just like Korea

But unlike 1952, the dynamics aren't ripe today for an eventual return to a hawkish foreign policy consensus. Here's why.

Middle East

Loser Liz Cheney: We knew ye, and that was the problem

For 20 years she remained committed to using American power as a blunt force instrument, including torture and endless war.

Middle East

AIPAC's new strategy: Spend millions on elections, don't mention Israel

The lobbying org's first foray into electoral politics has been marked by spending GOP megadonor dollars on Democratic primaries. Why?

North America

Dr. Oz and the battle over the future of Islam in the GOP

With Trump’s blessing, Turkish-American pop doc faces off against the old anti-Muslim wing in the senate primary Tuesday.


No 'Putin apologia' and certainly not new: the Old American Right on war

This is actually your great-grandfather's non-interventionist conservatism, and it is making a comeback.


Sadly, Graham's call for Putin's assassination is not his craziest moment

If this Republican had his way we'd be on the brink of WWIII at least a half a dozen times in the last decade.