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Artin Dersimonian

Armenia Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenians' fate in Nagorno-Karabakh hangs in the balance

Azerbaijan launches military assault while Russia is distracted in Ukraine

Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia Azerbaijan

Can the US work with Russia in Nagorno-Karabakh?

With Moscow distracted in Ukraine, the humanitarian situation is dire as Azerbaijan has blocked a key corridor to Armenia.


Macron knows that Europe needs to stand on its own two feet

As a US shift to China is inevitable, France seems to be the only state that is vocalizing the importance of ‘strategic autonomy.’

Armenia-Azerbaijan peace is within grasp: don't blow it up

Armenia-Azerbaijan peace is within grasp: don't blow it up

There is a constructive role for the US, UN, and Europe to play, but Russia has to be on board with what is to come, too.


Ukraine war unleashed similar West-Russia divide in Georgia

Georgians harbor deeply rooted animosity towards their Russian neighbor, while their government maintains pragmatic relations with Moscow.