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nuclear non proliferation

Global Crises

Great powers sweating bullets as nuclear ban treaty turns two

Activists and sympathetic diplomats are fighting hard to build on what one expert called ‘one of the few bright spots’ in disarmament.


What if Ukraine had kept its nuclear weapons?

Some say Kyiv would have been in a better position today if it hadn't been disarmed following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Global Crises

Keeping an eye on the prize: divisive US-Russia nuke talks must go on

The close of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review was a fail, but that doesn't mean parties can't persist in the pursuit of New START.


There's a nuclear catastrophe on the horizon in Ukraine

The UN's top atomic official is calling on Russian and Ukrainian forces to halt all military activity at the Zaporizhzhia facility.

Global Crises

Will 2022 be the year of nuclear proliferation?

Weapons reduction is really just a pipe dream now, as treaties are abandoned and great powers see the utility in ramping up.

Global Crises

Is the Ukraine war exposing an opportunity for nuclear arms control?

We know the thousands of deployed weapons on both sides have virtually no marginal utility. Time to get serious about drawing down.