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Biden struggling on nuclear arms control
Global Crises

Biden struggling on nuclear arms control

Outreach to Russia and China on nuclear weapons limits has fallen short while the US aims toward another build up


What if Ukraine had kept its nuclear weapons?

Some say Kyiv would have been in a better position today if it hadn't been disarmed following the fall of the Soviet Union.

Global Crises

Russia's self-defeating move in pausing nuke talks with US

Moscow appears to be trying to pressure Washington on Ukraine but abandoning New START would carry wider security risks.

Global Crises

Keeping an eye on the prize: divisive US-Russia nuke talks must go on

The close of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review was a fail, but that doesn't mean parties can't persist in the pursuit of New START.


In seeking New START extension, Biden avoided a diplomatic meltdown

The administration followed these six principles, keeping everything on the table while giving both sides room to breathe.


China is unlikely to engage in a nuclear arms race with the US

A recent New York Times story hyping a supposed ‘nuclear buildup’ in China sends the wrong messages and ignores what China is actually up to.