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Compensation for victims of US nuke tests stripped from NDAA
Washington Politics

Compensation for victims of US nuke tests stripped from NDAA

Sen. Josh Hawley described the decision as a ‘grave injustice.’ An activist called it ‘shockingly immoral’

Military Industrial Complex

Lawmakers quietly gave weapons firms bailout for unproven inflation burden

Even the Pentagon wasn't convinced these defense industry companies were suffering hardships requiring financial relief.

Military Industrial Complex

What if we cut the defense budget to give Americans inflation relief?

The cost of new stimulus checks would leave the DoD's spending levels about where they were a year before Trump took office.

Military Industrial Complex

New spending bill squanders billions on dysfunctional weapons programs

The increase alone from last year is more than what some of the world's biggest countries spend on their own defense budgets.


House passes pro-Taiwan measures that are sure to look anti-China to Beijing

Though it carries some positive elements, TERA still contains harmful items leftover from the controversial Taiwan Policy Act.

Washington Politics

Senators plopped $100B of wishes into the military budget and went on recess

There are now 900 amendments to the NDAA. We break down some of the most extravagant and expensive.