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Washington Politics

Beware the 'America First' foreign policy phonies

Right now it's fashionable to talk about national interests and even restraint, but with these folks, how much of it is sincere?

Washington Politics

Pompeo's unlawful activities reflect broader culture of elite impunity

A new government report says 13 Trump officials violated the Hatch Act and absolutely nothing will happen to them for it.

Middle East

How Dems' plan to grill Pompeo on the Soleimani strike fell apart

It's an inside story of how Congress failed to hold the executive branch accountable for a big misstep in US foreign policy.


Blinken grilled for maintaining Trump's sanctions on war crimes court

Rep. Ilhan Omar raised concerns in a hearing this week about whether Biden is legitimizing Trump's attacks on the ICC.

Global Crises

Pompeo trashes counterterrorism on the way out

Pompeo's recent abuse of terrorism designations is part of the Trump administration’s salting of the earth before giving way to the Biden administration.

Pompeo floats dubious claim that Iran is helping al-Qaida
Middle East

Pompeo floats dubious claim that Iran is helping al-Qaida

Trump officials are doing all they can to prevent the incoming Biden team's diplomacy with Iran — or worse.