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Latin America

Brazil's Lula goes to China this weekend for more than trade interests

Update: the newly minted leader was forced to postpone travel plans due to diagnosis of pneumonia.

Latin America

Lula inaugurated, emphasizes sovereignty in Brazil's future course

The new president is clear that he's willing to work with the United States, but his country will do its own bidding in international relations.


2022: The year of the middle power

The war in Ukraine has reignited Cold War tensions, but smaller states are no longer willing to split into blocs or be coerced by major parties.

Diplomacy Watch: Could Lula be a force for peace in Ukraine?

Diplomacy Watch: Could Lula be a force for peace in Ukraine?

If he wins back the presidency later this month, the left-wing firebrand is ready to help bring Russia’s brutal war to an end.

Washington Politics

What a Lula presidency would mean for US-Brazil relations

As long as it stays away from great power politics, Washington has a lot to gain if the leftist ex-president sends Bolsonaro packing.