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korean peninsula


South Korea floats building nukes amid US neglect

As North Korea continues to modernize its arsenal and Washington dithers on diplomacy, some in Seoul are amping up rhetoric.


How the two Koreas use the Ukraine war against each other

Seoul and Pyongyang appear to have calculated that being on opposing sides bolsters their relative positions on the Peninsula.


Escaping the 'security dilemma' on the Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong Un again threatens to go nuclear — maybe this time Washington and Seoul will react the right way. Here’s how.

Why did Biden take so long to reverse Trump's landmine rule?
Global Crises

Why did Biden take so long to reverse Trump's landmine rule?

These weapons have little to no military value and their use only risks killing or harming civilians, even decades after a war has ended.


North Korea's isolation is its greatest liability

The country’s population of 25 million unvaccinated people offers COVID an extraordinary opportunity not only to spread but also to mutate.


What South Korea's new president will mean for regional peace and US relations

President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s early personnel appointments suggest Seoul’s foreign policy will take a hardline turn.