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Washington Politics

How we conveniently ignore the 'terrorists' among our allies

Before they were prime minister, two Israelis were leaders of violent political movements that killed innocent people.


Israel and Iran attack Rep. Omar for the same comments

Maybe the congresswoman is the key to bringing peace between Iran and Israel. She’s bringing them together in ways no one has before.

Middle East

Congressman: NYT's coverage of dead Palestinian children is a 'smear against Israel'

While Rep. Joe Wilson accused the media of ignoring Hamas's role in the violence, other Republicans today called for a halt in aid to Gaza.

Middle East

Iran plays a diplomatically cautious game on Gaza

Iran’s support for Palestinian militants is a two-edged sword, as they have their own political and strategic calculations.

Global Crises

It’s time to rethink US terrorism designations

The State Department’s terrorist lists have become politicized and counterproductive.