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Military Industrial Complex

Once immune to backlash, is trust in our military and police slipping?

West Point professor suggests that unchecked violence and the growing civ-mil disconnect may finally be taking its toll.

Global Crises

To defeat systemic racism, America must end endless war

As we look inwards to dismantle America’s legacy of racism, we must also recognize that racism and militarism abroad are mutually reinforcing.

Global Crises

Much of the work to demilitarize police has to be done at the local level

Members of Congress have jumped to action in the wake of the mass protests against police brutality but most often it’s the local police forces that have been militarizing themselves.

Washington Politics

What defunding the police can mean for US foreign policy

The massive resources allocated to both local police and the U.S. military create supply side pressures to find, if not create, enemies.

Washington Politics

Military leaders promise to address racism in the ranks: We must hold them to it

Senior military officials were quick to call for change within their ranks. But change will neither be easy, nor quick.

Global Crises

Abolish and replace: Ending the militarization of policing in America

The proposals for change offered by the president, and from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, will not be enough.