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Gordon Adams

Washington Politics

The State Department's a mess — just like its Afghanistan report

The recent review of the 2021 withdrawal from Kabul demonstrates that Foggy Bottom is its own worst enemy.


After Ukraine: Arming down for lasting Eurasian security

A long-term solution requires an institutional design and steps to ensure that front-line states, including Russia, feel safer.

Middle East

Has America's 'Vietnam syndrome' ever gone away?

Our most infamous wars of choice — Iraq included — share many similarities, from the herd of scared politicians to the supine media.

Military Industrial Complex

Both parties agree on one thing: More money for the military

Political divisions stand in the way of most legislation, but both sides of the aisle are happy to keep feeding the beast at the Pentagon.


We don't write the rules anymore, and when we try, we make things worse

The US needs to think outside the box and help create a new security architecture that not only includes Russia but perhaps replaces NATO.