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Georgia bill passes: Why the West needs to stay out of the protests

Georgia bill passes: Why the West needs to stay out of the protests

Mass demonstrations over a foreign influence legislation has its roots in the delicate balance between Russia and transatlantic community


Arrest of opposition leader is ‘final nail in the coffin of Tunisian democracy’

Experts say Kais Saied’s crackdown on his political opponents may have reached a point of no return.


Could the US have saved democracy in Tunisia?

As Biden focuses on democracy promotion abroad, it’s important to return to one of Washington’s biggest missed opportunities.


The US helped Tunisia become 'the biggest disappointment of the Arab Spring'

The recent apathetic vote to give the current president more autocratic powers is a reflection of many missed opportunities on our part.

Middle East

Will democracy summit examine US role in perpetuating authoritarianism?

The cruel irony is Washington supports most of the world's autocratic nations with weapons and money.

Washington Politics

Anne Applebaum is peddling a democracy trope that no one is buying

Americans know that ideologues have cynically used the rhetoric of 'freedom' to push destructive policies on the world before.