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climate change

Global Crises

The US military's carbon footprint is making Africa less secure

Man-made climate change is a 'threat multiplier' as competition for resources mounts. The DoD can do its part to scale back.


What if the US and China really cooperated on climate change?

Green diplomacy could help avoid a new Cold War.

Global Crises

Did COP27 create opportunities for geopolitical gains?

They may be baby steps but Washington should see resurrected climate dialogue with China as a bilateral win.

Global Crises

How Russia's war busted the myth of universality

International divisions over how to react — including the political, economic, and climate repercussions — have left us a planet divided.

Global Crises

Grim outlook on global warming emerges from UN conference

Necessary carbon reduction targets will not be met; the US and China will have to work together to prevent further damage.

Global Crises

Climate change is a national security issue

The flooding in Pakistan is far more destructive than most conventional threats. It’s time for the world to take notice.