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antony blinken

Antony Blinken and the diplomacy deficit
Washington Politics

Antony Blinken and the diplomacy deficit

His remarks to students this week shows how much American exceptionalism and Great Power competition have taken over the craft.


Did the US really take Russia’s NATO concerns 'very seriously'?

Sen. Rand Paul gets smeared after challenging Secretary Blinken on America’s muddled Ukraine messaging.


Southeast Asian states don’t want to be part of any US-China rivalry

Antony Blinken made a pitch in Jakarta this week, but it likely fell on deaf ears.

Middle East

Why should we be celebrating a year of Abraham Accords?

Blinken is commemorating Israel 'normalization' tomorrow but these agreements are about conflict with Iran, not regional peace.

Global Crises

What Blinken should've said about domestic renewal and US foreign policy

The secretary of state's speech promoting Biden's infrastructure plan could have been more internationalist given a grim new UN report on climate change.

Middle East

Congressman: NYT's coverage of dead Palestinian children is a 'smear against Israel'

While Rep. Joe Wilson accused the media of ignoring Hamas's role in the violence, other Republicans today called for a halt in aid to Gaza.