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Senator Rand Paul

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NATO's Article 5 does not override Congress's war powers

We must make clear that 'an attack on one is an attack on all' does not automatically trigger a US military response.

Time to rip up the president's blank check for war
Military Industrial Complex

Time to rip up the president's blank check for war

The 2002 military authorization — up for a vote today — is largely symbolic. The 2001 AUMF is what's being used to justify all post-9/11 interventions.


Why I want to kill Biden's massive US-Egyptian arms deal

Washington must stop rewarding this strongman, whose tyrannical government tortures children and makes a mockery of justice.


I don't always agree with Biden but on Afghanistan troop withdrawal he's got it right

Carrying through with plans set into motion by Trump is something all Americans can cheer.


Any real advocate for ending the war should 'vote against this monstrosity'

Hypocrisy reigns as hawks insert NDAA amendment restricting troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.