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Is US helping to create new global jihadists?
Middle East

Is US helping to create new global jihadists?

After spending over 20 years fighting al-Qaida and ISIS, a new cadre of terrorists may be on the horizon

Global Crises

The US killing of Zawahiri was more retribution than prevention

According to documents obtained from the raid that killed bin Laden, al-Qaida’s 9/11 era leaders have little impact on current operations.


Al-Zawahiri killing shows 'over-the-horizon' counterterrorism can work

Despite what critics said during the Afghanistan withdrawal, the US didn't need boots on the ground to take a top terrorist off the board.

Middle East

Former envoy: Al-Qaida linked leader an 'asset' to US Syria strategy

Ambassador James Jeffrey is just reminding us how complicated and counterproductive our policy is there — if there is one.

Global Crises

It’s time to rethink US terrorism designations

The State Department’s terrorist lists have become politicized and counterproductive.

Global Crises

We need more oversight on US counterterrorism policy in the wake of AQAP’s confirmed involvement in the Pensacola attack

The US needs to state its objectives clearly so that we're not bogged down in counterterrorism operations indefinitely.