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Afghanistan delusions blind US on Russia-Ukraine

On the two-year anniversary of the Kabul withdrawal, if Washington forgets the war’s lessons, its mistakes are likely to be repeated.

Predictions of an Afghan ‘security vacuum’ were all wrong
Middle East

Predictions of an Afghan ‘security vacuum’ were all wrong

It was still shocking for many Americans to witness the swift collapse of a government that so many lives and tax dollars contributed to building.

Middle East

US and Taliban take major first step, quietly

The desire to do this without the glare of the media is understandable; the need to do it outside Afghanistan is less so.

Middle East

Is the new Taliban reign less extreme than it was in 2001?

A new book concludes that the Afghanistan's new rulers have 'two souls,' but the US can't wait for the preferred one to win out.


Why are these Afghan refugees still stuck in limbo?

It's been almost two years but political jockeying is making resettlement impossible for many who worked with US forces in Kabul.


No, Afghanistan has not become a 'staging ground for terrorists'

Thanks to the Washington Post blowing comments out of proportion, GOP critics of the withdrawal will use this exaggeration as a cudgel.