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Lora Lumpe


G20 sets stage for first Xi and Biden meeting since pandemic

Only these two men can break the downward spiral over Taiwan. We offer a guide on how to make the most out of Monday's meeting.

Senator Leahy worked consistently to take the bite out of war
North America

Senator Leahy worked consistently to take the bite out of war

While many of his efforts fell short in practice, the Vermont senator will be leaving behind a 'conscience gap' on Capitol Hill.


Congress must hold Benghazi-level hearings on its own role in Afghanistan

Start by asking who benefited from the protracted war, a question that will elicit uncomfortable truths about Washington.

Middle East

House to put down zombie AUMFs today

But an authorization for military conflict in Africa just won't die as lawmakers move to renew a controversial counter-terror program, too.

Global Crises

Will the US end military domination to save the planet?

Biden signs order that elevates climate to a national security issue. Let's see if the DoD takes on board their own role in the crisis.