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Sam Fraser

A day at another, quite different NATO summit — of the future

A day at another, quite different NATO summit — of the future

A recent convocation for the youth suggests that even with its recent reinvigoration over Ukraine, the alliance may still be looking for greater purpose.

Washington Politics

Biden’s disgraceful nomination of Elliott Abrams

It would seem the Biden administration is practically begging us not to take its human rights rhetoric seriously.

Washington Politics

Why US hegemony is incompatible with a ‘rules-based international order’

A bad argument for invading the Solomon Islands reflects the inherent conflict between America’s dominance and its purported liberal values.


US-led naval escort to break Russian blockade could risk wider war

Calls for a 'coalition of the willing' to establish a 'maritime corridor' are designed to obfuscate the dangers that it will create.

Global Crises

The looming climate-security crisis in South Asia

Extreme weather has been called a 'threat multiplier' — feeding into existing social and political problems and making them even worse.