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Mitchell Plitnick

Middle East

Will Biden stand up to Israel's new far right government?

US inaction has only made things worse, with the most radically religious parties — and maybe even Netanyahu — poised for power.

Middle East

Itinerary: Palestinians will get the pop-in treatment and little else from Biden trip

Campaign promises prove to be just that, as the administration prioritizes Israel-Gulf State security over dwindling prospects for peace.

Middle East

Biden's trip to Israel is getting trickier by the day

At what point will Washington acknowledge that our "special bond" is helping forestall peace and hurting US interests in the region?

Middle East

How the Israeli government shake-up will affect US-relations

The Biden administration will find it tricky to navigate the political scenarios emerging after PM Naftali Bennett lost his majority last week.


Why is Israel MIA on Ukraine-Russia crisis?

They don’t have much to lose by crossing Russia, but so far Tel Aviv has largely ignored Washington’s requests for back up.