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world war ii

Washington Politics

WWII was no costume drama so stop treating it like one

The latest romanticizing of events — Masterpiece Theater's "Atlantic Crossing" — diminishes real life protagonists and falsifies history.

Washington Politics

Kupchan’s ‘Isolationism’ revives myth, sets up restraint as maybe going too far

In his attempt to chart the pejorative use of the word, the author seems to be warning against too much disentanglement as well.

Washington Politics

V-E Day Plus 75

For Americans, V-E Day marked the beginning of “our times.” The Covid-19 pandemic may signal that our times are now coming to an end.

Washington Politics

The hyper-nationalist politics of the COVID-19 pandemic

As the crisis worsens, it's likely that Donald Trump will seek to acquire more emergency powers to the executive branch, likely with broad public support.