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War and violence isn't 'cleansing' at all
Global Crises

War and violence isn't 'cleansing' at all

Frantz Fanon's 60-year-old post-colonial writings about the rehabilitative nature of conflict can be widely misinterpreted today

Still, we prioritize funding war over preventing it
Military Industrial Complex

Still, we prioritize funding war over preventing it

As Congress is poised to pass a $858 billion defense budget, federal investments in conflict prevention pale in comparison.


'All Quiet on the Western Front' is horror in splendid color, but is it enough?

The latest cinematic telling of the classic story succeeds in conveying the futility of world war, even if we are about to unlearn that lesson.


No 'Putin apologia' and certainly not new: the Old American Right on war

This is actually your great-grandfather's non-interventionist conservatism, and it is making a comeback.

Middle East

Who should I hold responsible for the death of my son in Iraq?

On this Memorial Day, let us reflect on the role 'we the people' played in our failed post-9/11 wars and the loss and damage of so many souls.

Military Industrial Complex

Generation of veterans left with ‘emptiness’ after slow end to failed war

Those who fought there say they are conflicted, angry, and sad, but knew for years that Afghanistan would never be 'won.'