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war on drugs

Video: Why is declaring war on Mexican cartels so popular?
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Video: Why is declaring war on Mexican cartels so popular?

A growing number of Republicans have called for military action to address the fentanyl crisis. A new video from the Quincy Institute explores what is behind this idea.


Another war on drugs won't solve the fentanyl crisis

Washington should ditch the military rhetoric and refocus efforts on work with China and Mexico.

Latin America

Why designating Mexican cartels terrorists would make things worse

Stopping the flow of fentanyl into the United States will require a more thoughtful, diplomatic approach.

Global Crises

'Otoniel' is no mere kingpin. He's a creature of bad US-Colombia policy.

A flood of Washington funding has ensured that bad guys like Dario Antonio Usua have flourished. That won't end with his capture.

Global Crises

'Plan Mexico' was militarized drug war policy at its worst

An effort to replace the Merida Initiative is a welcome relief, as many blame US guns and money for increased violence and corruption.