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Meet the veterans who chose 'paths of dissent'
Military Industrial Complex

Meet the veterans who chose 'paths of dissent'

They sacrificed for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan but these individuals want you to reconsider whether they ever should have.

North America

GOP hand powerful pro-veteran burn pit issue over to Democrats

Now is not the time to suddenly grow a backbone over big government spending and oversight.


Stuck while the world moves on: upwards of 160,000 Afghans remain in limbo

Advocates are angry that the Special Immigrant Visa program is still failing tens of thousands of people who risked their lives for Americans.

Military Industrial Complex

Why are military families struggling to put food on the table?

'Offensive': We ask them to fight our wars abroad but a new report finds our service members can't afford the basics at home.

Johnny get your gun ... and go to Ukraine?

Johnny get your gun ... and go to Ukraine?

Responding to headlines and images and a call of duty, recent US veterans are leaving to fight the Russians. It's not a good idea.