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Latin America

Democrats clash with Biden over sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela

But they have to get past the hawks in their own party, first, mainly, the powerful senator, Robert Menendez.

Latin America

Biden's Venezuela policy needs a better comms strategy

The restarted negotiation process aimed at alleviating humanitarian and human rights crises needs more buy in from the Venezuelan people.

Washington Politics

What might a DeSantis foreign policy look like?

It may not be front and center, but the Florida governor and potential presidential hopeful has a long foreign policy record from Congress.

Latin America

COP 27: Are global leaders warming to Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro?

John Kerry spoke with him in a ‘impromptu’ meeting while Emmanuel Macron called him ‘president,’ leaving Juan Guaido on the curb.

Latin America

Oil may be the gateway to kicking Venezuelan sanctions

The looming energy crisis seems to have Biden thinking more clearly about the status quo when it comes to Nicholas Maduro.


‘We impose these things and then that’s it’: McGovern tears into US sanctions policy

In a wide-ranging hearing, experts and members of Congress took a close look at whether this foreign policy tool is even effective.