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In the Indo-Pacific, Britain acts as America's junior partner

In the Indo-Pacific, Britain acts as America's junior partner

Post-Brexit, the UK has grand global ambitions, but given its dire economic straits, London must worry about Chinese retaliation.

Middle East

Rishi Sunak and the UK's desire to project power in the Middle East

But the new prime minister’s recent rhetoric about moving the British embassy in Israel to Jerusalem may have to be abandoned.


There's a good chance Liz Truss's Ukraine, China policy will be worse

She is expected to win the contest for PM next week but no matter who's in the role, the Brits will continue to follow Washington anywhere.


What’s behind Britain’s aggressive posture against Russia?

There are three likely explanations, most with an interest in getting the UK a geopolitical upper hand.

Middle East

How Europe is undermining Biden’s Middle East agenda

The E3 appears committed to making the US return to the Iran nuclear deal as difficult as possible

Middle East

To be a ‘force for good,’ the UK must end support for the Saudi war in Yemen

Boris Johnson should follow Joe Biden’s lead on Yemen if he wants his ‘Global Britain’ agenda to have any credibility.