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A very long war: The common project behind Vietnam and Afghanistan

Though separated by decades, both wars were driven by a doomed commitment to American exceptionalism and ever-expanding hegemony.

Toward a unified theory of Blob-dom
Washington Politics

Toward a unified theory of Blob-dom

“The Blob” isn’t a coherent concept, according to some blobsters. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?

Washington Politics

Biden’s inflection point

His U.N. Speech shows why he needs to double down on his defiance of the Blob if he wants to, as he says, lead the world to a higher plane.


750 US military bases remain around the planet

These overseas installations are now scattered across 81 countries, colonies, or territories on every continent except Antarctica.

North America

Answering the armies of the cheated

The entire American foreign-policy establishment has succumbed to a monumentally self-destructive ideological post-Cold War fever.


What America's seizure of websites says about the 'rules-based' order

Rules are by definition things that apply universally, so it’s hard to convince the world to respect them if you consistently violate them.