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Robert Wright


No, Afghanistan has not become a 'staging ground for terrorists'

Thanks to the Washington Post blowing comments out of proportion, GOP critics of the withdrawal will use this exaggeration as a cudgel.

Washington Politics

Russia and Iran: time to dust off the old 'Axis of Evil'

What if US foreign policy led to a world in which Tehran didn't want to send Moscow weapons and the latter had no use for them?


The murder of Daria Dugina is a wild card in a non-zero-sum conflict

One of the potential consequences of last weekend's tragic car bomb killing: a wider and even costlier war.


A case study in American propaganda

What is the Institute for the Study of War? And why do America’s elite media outlets trust it for all of their on-the-ground Ukraine information?


How cognitive empathy could have prevented the Ukraine crisis

A series of American presidents have led us toward the current crisis by repeatedly failing to take serious account of the Russian leadership’s perspective.