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Military Industrial Complex

This is not your grandparents' military industrial complex

Arsenals of influence, the consolidation of contractors, the blob — all would make Eisenhower blink with unrecognition.

North America

DoD: Retired US officers marching into work for foreign governments

DoD laundry list exposes how much money is on offer for military brass looking to cash in on their connections and influence


Big mouths for weapons spending are mum on industry backers

Even with appropriations and requests needlessly sky high, think tank experts underwritten by defense firms are calling for more.

Military Industrial Complex

Lawmakers quietly gave weapons firms bailout for unproven inflation burden

Even the Pentagon wasn't convinced these defense industry companies were suffering hardships requiring financial relief.


The Real Threat: balloons, UFOs, or government secrecy?

We must never cease demanding transparency from Washington and the press, which is so essential to a functioning democracy.

DC think tank addresses undisclosed conflicts of interest
Washington Politics

DC think tank addresses undisclosed conflicts of interest

The Atlantic Council retroactively acknowledged content it was producing on energy and climate change had a connection to a major funder.