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NYT leaps forward in disclosure of potential conflicts

NYT leaps forward in disclosure of potential conflicts

The paper of record told readers of a foreign influence story that a source's employer receives funding from Saudi Arabia and the UAE


Who lost Fiji?

Why is the New York Times aghast that the United States has apparently lost its influence in the tiny Pacific island to the Chinese?


NYT buries news on 'urgent' meetings about nuke response options in Ukraine

As Russian forces dig in and the US sends more arms to Kyiv, we need a public debate about the no longer ‘unthinkable’ nuclear option.


NYT published a press release on nuclear deal for Netanyahu and Iran hawks

The paper of record continues to offer shoddy reporting on the JCPOA.


NYT fails to disclose columnist’s side gig at pro-Israel advocacy group

Bret Stephens promised to disclose the affiliation if there was any 'overlap' with subjects he writes about for the Times.

Middle East

How the NY Times whitewashed Turkey’s human rights record in Syria

The Times said Turkey is ‘the only international force’ protecting civilians without telling the full story.