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Is US punishing Turkey for its neutral stance on Ukraine War?

Is US punishing Turkey for its neutral stance on Ukraine War?

Secondary sanctions are all the rage as Washington gets more desperate to crack down on unaligned countries.

As Pelosi Taiwan visit looms, Menendez bill would 'gut' One China policy
Latin America

Top economists say Sen. Menendez spreading fake news on sanctions

A new letter with more than 50 signatories implores the lawmaker to stop using his power to maintain a cruel US policy in Venezuela.

Latin America

Democrats clash with Biden over sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela

But they have to get past the hawks in their own party, first, mainly, the powerful senator, Robert Menendez.


De-dollarization: Not a matter of if, but when

US hegemony is losing its grip, as friend and foe seek currency alternatives amid global sanctions and new Global South alliances.

North America

Even the Treasury Department admits sanctions don't work

Is the U.S. finally recognizing that economic warfare isn't achieving its foreign policy objectives, anywhere?

Middle East

Cruz stunt highlights Washington's unhealthy addiction to sanctions

The Texas Republican is taking aim at Argentina’s vice president — a move that will likely only strengthen her domestic support.