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Middle East

The fragile, renewed ties between Qatar and Bahrain

While the US welcomes the rapprochement, Doha and Manama's checkered past and diverging views on Iran and Israel pose roadblocks.

Middle East

Has the World Cup brought the region closer together?

Saudi, Emirati, and Qatari leaders meeting in Doha, as they did last month, would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Diplomacy Watch: Gulf states join Turkey in push for Ukraine peace talks

Diplomacy Watch: Gulf states join Turkey in push for Ukraine peace talks

With chances for negotiations at a low point, several Middle Eastern leaders are trying to fashion themselves as peacemakers.

Middle East

Will new US-Israel-Arab security pacts leave Iran with a bad hand?

The winners and losers of this latest round of Middle East poker will depend on how each country plays its cards.

Washington Politics

Feds accuse Brookings president Gen. Allen of illegally lobbying for Qatar

The retired four-star general allegedly used his role at the top think tank to influence US policy on behalf of Doha.

Middle East

Why Qatar's rise to Major Non-NATO Ally is not the best way forward

We have a good friend in Doha. But this status comes with new weapons and technology and will further cement the US footprint in the region.