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Poll: Most Europeans support neutrality in US-China conflict
Washington Politics

Poll: Most Europeans support neutrality in US-China conflict

A plurality of respondents also say that Beijing is a ‘necessary partner;’ not a ‘rival’ or an ‘adversary.’

Middle East

Forget the shot and chaser, Gen Z got the Iraq War hangover

And it seems to have influenced in part, their strong views against U.S. militarism today

Washington Politics

Is weakening support for Ukraine war following a historical pattern?

Recent polling shows that Biden’s pledge that the US will assist ‘for as long as it takes’ is a harder sell today.

Washington Politics

Polls: Black Americans less inclined to support Ukraine if it leads to US war

Surveys signal a wider resistance to interventionism, which is not surprising given the history of sacrifice, and cost to communities.

Washington Politics

Russia down, NATO up in poll of European, Asian countries

Biden's ratings are strong overall among these respondents, even if he is struggling with public opinion at home.

North America

Bipartisan majorities want more control for 'the people' on war and arms sales

A new poll finds that across the board, Americans say Congress should have more authority than the president in the use of military force.