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Middle East

Why the US is not weighing in on Imran Khan's 3 year prison term

The former Pakistani prime minister's latest arrest comes amid a political purge of his party.

Middle East

Imran Khan arrest sparks rare violence against police, military across Pakistan

The government is now weighing its response, as whatever happens now will affect security, politics, and even US relations.

Middle East

Pakistan's Musharraf, a GWOT figure whose death brings mixed eulogies

To many he was a double-dealing figure: providing assistance to NATO on one hand, offering sanctuary to the Taliban on the other.

Middle East

Imran Khan murder attempt the latest in Pakistan's bloody political history

Without changes in security protocols it is a matter of when — not if —another major national figure is assassinated.

Global Crises

Climate change is a national security issue

The flooding in Pakistan is far more destructive than most conventional threats. It’s time for the world to take notice.

Middle East

Imran Khan's arrest could be the spark to light a tinderbox in Pakistan

The apprehension of the former prime minister, indicted under the politically-charged anti-terrorism act, could trigger violence.