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When humanitarian intervention leads to crimes against humanity

A new report finds atrocities rampant in Libya due to the civil war that sprang up in the wake of the US-led regime change.

Military Industrial Complex

How the 'self licking ice cream cone,' prolonged the 20-year war

Institutional interests, including military budgets and self-preservation, will drive bad national security decisions every time.

Latin America

Human rights won't happen in a vacuum in Cuba

Normalizing relations with the island would go a long way towards promoting one of the president's "core pillars" of US foreign policy.

Why Biden may not be able to extricate the US from its Middle East quagmire
Middle East

Why Biden may not be able to extricate the US from its Middle East quagmire

Few empires that have been able to unclench their fists and let go of self-destructive commitments.

Middle East

Ronald Reagan wasn't afraid to use leverage to hold Israel to task

In fact, GOP presidents were much tougher on Tel Aviv in the wake of its aggression against neighbors, settlements, and civilian attacks.

Middle East

'Accomplice to carnage' belies a perilous overreach in Yemen

As Obama-era policymakers wrestle with their role in the war, they betray a certain naivete about their Saudi partners at the time.