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nuclear modernization

Global Crises

Great powers sweating bullets as nuclear ban treaty turns two

Activists and sympathetic diplomats are fighting hard to build on what one expert called ‘one of the few bright spots’ in disarmament.


Biden’s nuclear weapons policy carries ‘the seeds of a new nuclear arms race’

Experts say the White House’s new nuclear strategy is a major missed opportunity to change American policy for the better.

Global Crises

Is the Ukraine war exposing an opportunity for nuclear arms control?

We know the thousands of deployed weapons on both sides have virtually no marginal utility. Time to get serious about drawing down.


The dual nature of China’s nuclear modernization

Beijing's efforts must be seen in the context of an equally aggressive U.S. nuclear posture, and met with arms control, not an arms race.

Military Industrial Complex

Biden budget bakes in billions for nuclear weapons

The president is going full speed ahead on beefing up the triad and expensive modernization — despite cries from his own party.