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Military Industrial Complex

The Pentagon fails its fifth audit in a row

If the Defense Department can't get its books straight, how can it be trusted with a budget of more than $800 billion per year?

Military Industrial Complex

Backdoor earmarks make everyone smile (except the taxpayer)

Don't look at the topline $773 billion military budget proposal. Congress is padding it as we speak, particularly in the less noticed 'R&D' column.

Military Industrial Complex

Facing the hard facts about the 'world class' US Navy

This goes far beyond the future utility of aircraft carriers. The culture and leadership are diminishing the force's maritime dominance, too.

Do we need tactical nukes on US  submarines?
Global Crises

Do we need tactical nukes on US submarines?

A former sailor wants Congress to deny the comeback of the 'low-yield' cruise missiles because they are redundant, and dangerous.

Military Industrial Complex

Recent string of deadly military crashes is no accident

Why can’t a $782 billion defense budget keep planes from falling out of the sky?

Military Industrial Complex

Jet fuel in Hawaii's drinking water the latest example of military's negligence

Despite warnings, the Navy opposed closing a faulty tank at Pearl Harbor, while a recent bout of contamination made local residents seriously ill.