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Military Industrial Complex

The $850 billion chicken comes home to roost

The military industrial complex is not designed to actually fight wars. If so, you wouldn’t see Ukraine struggling right now to win one.

Want 'strategic thinkers'? You'll have to transform the military culture
Military Industrial Complex

Want 'strategic thinkers'? You'll have to transform the military culture

Some want to blame the war colleges but really they are just a product of the institution, which fosters the wrong skill sets.


Putting Biden's new whopping $33B Ukraine package into context

His proposal 'would make Kyiv the largest yearly recipient of U.S. military aid of at least the past two decades.'

Washington Politics

An over-reliance on state-sanctioned violence is unhealthy for America

As a veteran I am particularly frustrated that we depend too much on police and military to solve our foreign and domestic crises.

Military Industrial Complex

Biden's clamp-down on military gear to local police has giant loophole

On its face, the president's new executive order looks like a step forward, but a closer looks reveals more of the same.


Poll: Americans' trust in the military plummets to less than 50%

The backlash and sense of betrayal during 20 years of war, which culminated with the Afghanistan withdrawal has taken its toll.