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iraq war

‘Mission Accomplished’ was a massive fail — but it was just the beginning
Middle East

‘Mission Accomplished’ was a massive fail — but it was just the beginning

Bush’s speech, 20 years ago this week, may seem foolish if not dangerous in hindsight, especially since US troops are still in Iraq today.

Middle East

Despite chicken littles, Senate votes to repeal war authorizations

The House is expected to follow suit, but the 2001 AUMF for the “global war on terror” remains in effect.

Washington Politics

Iraq War cheerleader reunion: it wasn't the failure you think it was

Robert Kagan claims US standing across the globe is just fine. The rest of the world wants “more America, not less.”

Middle East

Has America's 'Vietnam syndrome' ever gone away?

Our most infamous wars of choice — Iraq included — share many similarities, from the herd of scared politicians to the supine media.


For Putin, Iraq War marked a turning point in US-Russia relations

Leaked diplomatic cables show an increasingly skeptical Moscow, souring by the day on Washington's determination to impose its will.

Middle East

Forget the shot and chaser, Gen Z got the Iraq War hangover

And it seems to have influenced in part, their strong views against U.S. militarism today