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h r mcmaster

Global Crises

HR McMaster scorns endless war 'mantra' while pushing for endless war

The former general joins a chorus of calls to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely with broad assumptions that there will be no costs.

The generals lied and the fantasy died

The generals lied and the fantasy died

H.R. McMaster and other apologists for the failed policy in Afghanistan would like us to focus on anything but their complicity in it today.

Washington Politics

McMaster’s failed case against 'retrenchment': a European perspective

What McMaster and other members of the “blob” ignore is that it is the U.S. that is increasingly seen as a destabilizing force by allies and multilateral institutions.


How a few tweets helped lead HR McMaster to envision a new cold war with China

Former Trump national security adviser HR McMaster's essay calling for the U.S. to take a more confrontational stance on China falls flat.


How H.R. McMaster sees China: Employing 'strategic empathy' to validate his 'strategic narcissism'

Imagine an alternate history after WWII where Hawaii broke away from a decimated United States and sought security guarantees from China.