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Military Industrial Complex

Why America fell out of love with its Army

A lack of truth and accountability tends to have a bad effect on trust, and as it turns out, recruitment, too


How a Super Bowl whitewash of Tillman cover-up was a helpful reminder

20 years later, have we really come to terms with how far the government went to manipulate public opinion into war?

Middle East

Pakistan's Musharraf, a GWOT figure whose death brings mixed eulogies

To many he was a double-dealing figure: providing assistance to NATO on one hand, offering sanctuary to the Taliban on the other.


US bombs Somalia for the third time this summer

These operations have been going on for 15 years straight — so long that mainstream media barely finds the energy to report on it.

Meet the veterans who chose 'paths of dissent'
Military Industrial Complex

Meet the veterans who chose 'paths of dissent'

They sacrificed for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan but these individuals want you to reconsider whether they ever should have.

Global Crises

End of an era? Retiring the GWOT medal for all

Experts say narrowing the recipients for this award signals a symbolic as well as practical shift away from counterterrorism and towards China.