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Why no one should take this hawkish think tank seriously

Why no one should take this hawkish think tank seriously

A recent graph FDD’s CEO shared on X regarding the Iran nuclear deal encapsulates why he and his org should be ignored

Rep. Gerry Connolly
Middle East

How members of Congress can take on Iran hawks

During a recent House hearing, Rep. Gerry Connolly thoroughly dismantled arguments in favor of a more militaristic approach.

Joe Biden Xi Jinping China United States

Actually, China's military isn't going global

The New York Times fear-mongers about purported worldwide base expansion, but the reality is more complicated, and less scary.

Middle East

Iraqis fear for their lives after botched pro-Israel conference in Erbil

A New York-based group linked to AIPAC organized a meeting there promoting diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Middle East

No, European intel has not concluded Iran is seeking to build nukes

FDD hawks tried to launder public allied intel docs in an effort to halt JCPOA talks, but a closer look reveals a house of cards.

Middle East

Dismantling the ‘sanctions wall’ myth

During the Trump era, Iran hawks employed a semantics game to prevent any future administration from reentering the nuclear deal.