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The Ukraine lobby two years into war

Most Washington firms are still doing work for free, pushing for more aid and shaping messaging on the war

Did a foreign agent control the Foreign Relations Committee?
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Did a foreign agent control the Foreign Relations Committee?

A FARA charge against Sen. Menendez follows federal bribery indictments claiming he used his influence to increase US aid and weapons to Egypt.

Washington Politics

'Acceptable' versus 'unacceptable' foreign meddling in US affairs

It all seems to depend on whether the offending nation is an ally or adversary. China and Russia, watch out.

Washington Politics

DC think tank puts hawkish former Aussie PM on China Center board

Does the Hudson Institute need to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act after appointing Scott Morrison as an adviser?

Washington Politics

The spinning door: From US government service to lobbying for dictators

A senior congressional staffer quits and goes directly to work for an authoritarian foreign government — it's legal and happens all the time.

Washington Politics

Can think tanks be foreign agents?

New Justice Department guidance should serve as cautionary tale for those organizations doing other countries' bidding.