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economic crisis

Washington Politics

Biden price hike? The nexus of foreign policy and economic crisis

The White House isn't responsible for Russia’s brutal invasion, but the president has agency over how the West has reacted to it.


Human catastrophe, flowing from Ukraine and across the globe

While the war is not causing all of the world's economic crises, ending it is becoming a matter of life and death.

Global Crises

No Joe, the looming economic crisis is not all 'Putin's problem'

While it may seem politically convenient to blame the 8-week invasion for everything, it is supremely deceptive to do so.

Middle East

Economic crisis does little to dampen Mohammed bin Salman’s pricey ambitions

When Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan announced austerity measures in May, economists and pundits assumed that was the death knell for trophy projects like NEOM.