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Global Crises

Qatar emerges as go-between on frozen US-Venezuela front

Sometimes it takes a mediator from another part of the world to provide a 'safe space' for talk.

Global Crises

In great power diplomacy, is China beating US at its own game?

Washington can learn something about not letting ideology get in the way of conflict resolution and economic development.

Global Crises

George Shultz, 'America's greatest secretary of state'

A new biography recalls an era, long since vanished, when leaders of vision and integrity literally saved the world.

Global Crises

Tell me how this ends: If recent history is a guide, not with a knockout blow

Maximalists look at WWII and think the Ukraine war can take a similar path. But that's not how conflicts have trended in decades since.

Can Chris Dodd help his friend Biden save US-Cuba relations?
Latin America

Can Chris Dodd help his friend Biden save US-Cuba relations?

The president's appointment of the former senator as an envoy indicates he wants to do more, but time is running out.