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'Ukraine maximalists' on the Right still dominate. But for how long?

Their position is eroding as more Republicans are worried about the threat of escalation and the diminishment of other US priorities.


'Flight 93' conservative warns national security state risking more war

Former Trump official Michael Anton tells National Conservatism conference that Ukraine and China strategies are not in the US interest.

Deja vu: Republicans fracturing over Ukraine, just like Korea
Washington Politics

Deja vu: Republicans fracturing over Ukraine, just like Korea

But unlike 1952, the dynamics aren't ripe today for an eventual return to a hawkish foreign policy consensus. Here's why.


'New Right' takes it back to old pre-neocon roots, starting with Ukraine

On this fight, it's the libertarian and populist conservatives coming out to make arguments against proxy war and NATO expansionism. Why?

Middle East

Iran’s political shake-up and Ebrahim Raisi as president

The shift to the far right in Iran does not appear to have gone too far for the JCPOA to remain on the table.