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Sen. Murphy wary of committing ‘American blood’ to Saudi Arabia

Sen. Murphy wary of committing ‘American blood’ to Saudi Arabia

Pointing to Kingdom’s human rights abuses, senator questions if normalization with Israel is worth the price

Middle East

Groups back proposed senate probe into Saudi human rights abuses

Sens. Chris Murphy and Mike Lee are leading an effort to strengthen oversight on security assistance and US arms sales.

Middle East

Senator Murphy: 'Max pressure' on Iran has been tried, and failed

Sen. Chris Murphy delivered an impassioned speech in support of the nuclear deal, dismantling its opponents' arguments.

Middle East

Progressive Dems: Biden needs to move first on Iran nuclear deal

Reps. Murphy and Khanna are frustrated with the pace of JCPOA re-entry, but the White House may be ready to make some moves.

Middle East

Senate progressives push Biden nominees on Iran diplomacy

Deputy secretary of state nominee Wendy Sherman's claim that Biden wants a "longer and stronger" deal caused considerable pushback.