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central america

Bernardo Arévalo Karin Herrera Guatemala
Latin America

Guatemala's fragile democratic opening

The US should work with Latin American allies to maximize the opportunity and secure the election of the country’s next president.

Latin America

The trial for Berta Caceres' murder will test Biden's Central America policy

The Biden administration says it wants to counter the corruption that’s driving displacement. Does that apply to U.S. allies in Honduras?

Latin America

Daniel Ortega: from revolutionary to absolute overlord

The 17-year Nicaraguan president is now jailing his election opposition and rivals, many of them fellow ex-Sandinistas, now in their 70s.

Latin America

US backed a ‘crumbling narco state’ in Honduras

Federal prosecutors this week accused Honduras’s sitting president of presiding over a violent, state-sponsored drug trafficking conspiracy.

Latin America

Finally addressing the root causes of mass migration from Central America

Time for U.S. policies that tackle corruption, encourage the rule of law, and a flourishing civil society — not the opposite.