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Russian hawks push Putin to escalate as US crosses more ‘red lines’

Russian hawks push Putin to escalate as US crosses more ‘red lines’

Timeline: The Kremlin’s critics are growing louder as Moscow fails to back up threats against Washington’s involvement in the war.


Blinken-Wang Yi meeting marked by sharp words and confrontation

Both sides took the opportunity to talk after the balloon shoot down to express anger and indignation and it was not helpful.

Middle East

A game of Snakes & Ladders: Blinken takes US back to square one in Israel

Several complex strategies are in play and the Secretary of State knows this — much to the disadvantage of the 'pawns' on the ground.

Middle East

As Blinken visits Israel amid violence, US confirms drone attacks on Iran

While affirming Washington's strategy against Tehran, Blinken will have to convince Netanyahu against flaming an Israeli-Palestinian war.


China is sending interesting signals to the US. Is anyone listening?

The key is whether the White House can lose the baggage and take Beijing's leadership shuffles and recent posturing seriously.

Middle East

An inauspicious start to Biden's democracies v. autocracies campaign

It was odd that Blinken chose to meet with Middle East autocrats in Israel at the same time Biden was marshaling the forces of the 'rules based order.'